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Last Moments Important Tips & Strategy to get Selection in SSC-Junior Engineer Examinations

How to Prepare for SSC-JE Examination in last Days...!

SSC- JE Exam pattern: An Overview - We Everyone Know that The common entrance test of the SSC Junior Engineer Exam consists of two papers

Paper-1 it is an objective type based paper which is taken on a computer based online test (CBT).?this paper has following sections.

v General Intelligence and Reasoning. {50 marks}

v General Awareness. {50 marks}

v Technical CE/ME/EE. {100marks}

Paper-2 it is Subjective or Descriptive Type paper.

v Civil Engineering

v Electrical Engineering

v Mechanical Engineering

SSC JE Examinations: Tips to prepare in last moments.

Go Through Syllabus:

collect SSC-JE Exam full syllabus and Go through this once complete exam syllabus. Analyse important chapters and topics and write down impotent points and topics in your note book. When you revise, you can easily understand at these main points as these short points are made by you in your hand writing.

Study Material:

Get the appropriate study materials before you start your preparation for SSC junior Engineer exam. You can get books as per Latest syllabus, Online study notes and other study materials. Revision all subject more than 5 times before SSC Exams

Doubts Clearing:

You should keep clearing all your doubts with your friends or teachers in classroom if you are current student or you can contact your syllabus concern teacher.

Time Management:

Time management is very important in this examination because in 120 minutes you have to solve 200 questions. I.e. less than 1 minute for every 2 questions. Try to come up with methods to solve questions faster so you wouldn’t be wasting a lot of time during the exam. This will help you answer all the questions within the allotted time and then only you can attempt all question in 120 minutes

Give time to your study 6-7 hours every day

Previous Year Papers:

You should Solve all the questions of previous year papers twice or thrice. While solving practice papers, try to focus on speed as well as the accuracy. For this, you need to take as many mock Tests as possible before the actual Exam.

Online Test Series:

As the mode of examination of SSC-JE has been changed and now it is computer based test (CBT). So do practice with Online Test Series. This is easily available. this will be very helpful to boost score in examination. It is also helpful to check your accuracy and time management.  Join online test series and try to make yourself comfortable on computer.


Non-Tech Preparations:

Daily update yourself with the latest current affairs and general knowledge. This will help you in the exam. Non-tech subject can’t cover in tinny days so you need to practice these portions on daily basics.

Short Notes:

Take all last year’s question paper and note the important questions, repeated questions in your note book and remember those on your fingertips by making short notes. then try to solve each type of question from these topics. Memorize all the important formulas and short tricks for the questions. Also, make it a habit to get enough written practice in numerical and tricky questions. Make your short notes and remembering them again and again

Speed with Accuracy:

If you don’t know the answer for a question, move to the next question. Do not stick with a single question. You need to score a minimum score (60% to 70%) to secure the cut off marks. Analyse your performance on daily basics.





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Habits of Highly Successful People | The Secrets Successful People Know That We Don’t.

Unfortunately, for 99% of us, success doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, though, there are small things each of us can make a point of doing every single day that will get us closer and closer to the success we desire in life.


1.   Wake Up Early

The first and probably most important thing successful people do is wake up early in the morning. It’s important to consistently get up early, and use the morning productively.

“Successful people wake up early”

Studies show that early risers are not only more productive than night owls, but also happier and healthier. So set that alarm clock, get up with or before the sun, and have a great productive morning with day schedule.


2.   Set Goals

The best time to get started with this is now. There are many ways you can set goals for the future, but a commonly recommended one is to write them down. There is much more to this than having an ambiguous plan to be successful sometime in the future.

“Successful people know their goal and give 100% to achieve this”

What is your Goal?

exactly are you going to do?

When are you going to do it?          

How will doing that help you take that next step to your goals?

Let’s Breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces, that will help keep you motivated and be able to visualize each step towards success.


3.   Strive for Balance

Picture someone successful person in your mind. What do you imagine their day to day life is like? Being willing to work hard is vital for success, but the most successful people know that you can’t work all the time – and you shouldn’t.

“Successful people strive for balance”

Yes, they work hard, but they use their time in a smart and productive way. They know what is important to them outside of work, and they devote attention to those things regularly as well.


4.   keep Your Body as well as Mind healthy

“Successful people work for mental as well as physical health”

 many successful people flaunt the benefits of cultivating your body as well as your mind. Exercise for body as well as mind has many benefits. It can be a way for you to relax, a hobby, a way to meet new people, etc.


5.   Surround yourself with positive people.

"Social media has become a cesspool for the haters and trolls. Don't let negative people hold you back. Understand that negativity generally comes from unhappy people and those who envy you. Happy successful people don't tear others down. Surround yourself with ambitious, positive people. It's too easy to focus on the negative and there's just no upside to that."

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The mind is a powerful thing, and if you’re not careful, you can interrupt yourself before you even begin. Persistence, optimism, and staying positive are all extremely important for success.

“Successful people stay Optimistic in every situation”

Successful people know (or have learned) how to push through that feeling when it feels like things aren’t going your way, you aren’t reaching your goals, or your whole life feels like it’s conspiring against you. It can be possible to stay optimistic and keep moving forward.

7.   Write Everything Down

Have you ever had a great idea, but you’re in bed, about to go to sleep, and you promise to think about it in the morning? Or maybe you’re on the go and a fleeting thought seems promising?

Those thoughts and ideas always seem to slip past us, and we can never remember them when we actually have time to sit down and devote attention to them. Successful people have gotten around this by always writing everything down.


8.   Listen and learn.

“Successful people Speak less and listen more”


Listen to your peers, Friends and Teachers.  You will always learn something from listening.  I also find that it could facilitate relationships just by listening, and really let people feel that you care.  It helps ease any tensions, even if it doesn't immediately solve a problem, it could relieve any negative feelings just by letting people express themselves whether it be an unhappy customer, a stressed employee or colleague.